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Women on Wheels
Whether you are ready to ride and just desire practical tips, or have felt twinges of hesitation and need a nudge or two, this is the ultimate guide to ease your way into city cycling. Concise advice for making biking work with kids, groceries, pets, and weather. Handy help in finding the bike and wardrobe just right for you, as well as bike etiquette and anecdotes from the history of women on bikes. The pocket book is 4 x 5.75" in size. This is the first edition of 1,000 copies written by April Streeter and designed by Fredrik Averin.

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Why is this book important today?
City cycling is an easy fix for many urban dilemmas—bikes ease traffic jams, cut air pollution, and keep riders healthier and less stressed than car-bound citizens. When it comes to reaping this biking joy, however, men predominate in the cycling lanes by an average of three male cyclists to every one cycling female. It's not surprising—manufacturers have just begun to cater more to women cyclists. As the benefits to women are multiple, it's time for us to populate a bit more of urban bike lanes.

April Streeter first biked the big hills of Piedmont, California on a Big Wheel, eventually graduating to a banana seat bike. Now she rides, and writes, in Portland, Oregon. A blogger for TreeHugger.com, Streeter also contributes to a number of magazines including Green Mobility and Ethical Corporation. This is her book publishing debut.
Earthquake Prep.
This suite—16 x 20" poster, 8 x 10" placard, and five 3.5 x 2" wallet cards—provides simple, straightforward steps for staying safe and relatively calm in the event of an earthquake. If knowledge is power, this suite is intended to empower you and your loved ones to know exactly what to do if the ground starts shaking, which seismologists say is imminent, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. The poster and placard are silk-screened on acid free archival paper, with the utmost attention to craft and detail, so that they will be a welcome addition to one’s art collection—regardless of content. The fact that the information contained in these pieces could potentially be life-saving makes them all the more compelling. A pure example of Informational Art. This is the first edition of 200 copies written by Austin Howe and designed by Fredrik Averin.
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Informational Art
In 1970, the Museum of Modern Art featured an exhibition called “Information,” ostensibly codifying informational or conceptual art as a bona fide American art movement. But, the truth is, informational art has been all around us for years: stop signs, infographics, maps, cave paintings. They have all become part of the collective unconscious, telling us what to do in moments of stress, confusion and decision.